Stocking the Toy Box

Toys go a long way toward fighting boredom especially for dogs who are left alone for long periods of time. Toys serve as a distraction for your dog when you don’t have time to play with her. How do you choose the best toys?

Toys should be age, size and strength appropriate. A chew toy should not be so big that your dog can’t get her mouth around it or so small that she could swallow or choke on the toy. West Paw toys come in three sizes mini, small and large. Choose right size for you pup.

Toys should be safe for active play. All toys made from material can be torn apart so always look for pieces that could easily come off. Is the toy made from safe and nontoxic materials? Choose rope toys that are made from cotton. Cotton will be digestible should little pieces be chewed off.

Toys should be sturdy enough to stand up to your dog’s attention. Look for toys that offer guarantees like Bionics and West Paw. These toys are designed for aggressive chewers . If any of your dogs toys become damaged throw them away immediately because they can be a hazard to your dogs health.

Toys that promote dental health. Your toy box should include chews that both keep your dog busy and cleans their teeth a the same time. Antlers, bully horns and cow bones are great chew toys. No worries about digestion or damaging these chews they are meant for chewing. Please make sure they from the USA or South America and not China.

The sheer joy your dog expresses when you introduce a new toy is infectious. As you fill a toy bin with new things for your dog to play with , your pet will treat every one as a favorite.
variety west paws
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Holiday Gift Ideas for Dogs and Those Who Love Them.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. If you are like me, you are making a list and checking it twice and on your list are your fur friends and their friends.
Here are few gift ideas for your dog and your friends dogs.There are three types of gifts for the season.
The aggressive chewer. This is the dog that can destroy anything you bring home to them in a matter of minutes. The best gift for these challenges on your list is an indestructible toy by West Paw or Bionic. Both are guaranteed. Antlers and Buffalo horns are long-lasting chews that are another great gift for aggressive chewers.
Bored 10347482_733165870071572_7419116607579541294_ndogs are often the complaints of many dog owners. These dogs are the ones who are bored and find their own form of entrainment by getting into trouble in your house. So keep them entrained by giving them puzzle toys. Greatpup has a treat tower, treat ball. and topple all of which are puzzle that dispenses treats for hours of fun.
The final gift of the season is for the dog lover. All dog owners want things to make owning a dog easier. The most useful gift for them is a Soggy Doggy doormat or shammy. These absorbs up to ten times more than a towel. Molly Mutt duvets allow you to have a stylist dog bed in your home. They are both cute and machine washable. Greatpup also has a great selection of women’s Dog is Good t-shirts.
You can find all of these great gifts at or visit the Galleria in Raleigh. Show him how much you love them this holiday season.
Merry Christmas from our family at Greatpup to yours!

Setting the table for your dog

You can spend as much as you want on such basics as bowls for kibble. But what does your dog really need? Dog bowls are often made of stainless steel, ceramic, or plastic. Some things to consider: Ceramic bowls can chip which could scratch, cut and damage his mouth and digestive system. Plastic
bowls are best for dry dog food. The slo-feeder bowl is designed to slow your dog down when eating. This helps with your dogs digestive system and avoids bloat. Stainless steel bowls are best for water because there is no reported leaching risk factors. “Greatpup’s bowls all are sturdy and sufficiently heavy so as not to topple over when your dog is enjoying his meal. Always place food and water
dishes in the same place. Choose a spot that is not in a high foot-traffic area but is visible and easy for your dog to access. Protect your floor with the slop mat so food and water that slops
out of dishes can be easily cleaned up.”Choosing the right bowls for food and water for your dog will keep them happy and healthy.”
Come out and see Greatpup locally at Sanderson High School’s Holly Days, Saturday and Sunday
December 6th & 7th.
Stuff your dog’s Toppl not your dog! Use kibble, carrot, or peanut butter to stuff the toppl for hours of fun. Made from nontoxic, and 100% recyclable. This toy is for dogs who destroy other toys in minutes. Floats & dishwasher safe. West Paw guaranteed!
Gobble,Gobble:Don’t feed your dog turkey bones. They are sharp and potentially very dangerous.
Frosty bowls Stainless steel bowl keeps your dogs water cold for 6-8 hours.
Freeze blue center core.
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Your Four-Footed Running Buddy

August is back to school and for many that means back to routine exercise.
Dogs are motivated,reliable running partners. Some dogs are natural runners, including labs, Australian Shepherds, Border Collies, Doberman, German Shepherds and Pointers.
If you train your dog when he is a puppy her will learn to expect an endurance workout. Start slow and increase mileage gradually, stay well hydrated, stop immediately if there is any pain.
Here are a few tips to keep in mind when running with your dog.
Start slow and easy
Tune in to pain signals. Your dog wants to please you and he’ll run through pain to keep up with your pace. Stop if you see your dog tiring or struggling in any way.
Hydrate often: Fill a water bottle for your dog and stop if he is panting heavily or excessively salivating.
Examine paw pads. Remember your dog runs on his bare pads not some fancy running shoes. Examine the pads for soreness and wear.
Excess weight can reduce your dog’s lifespan by as much as 20% – for humans, that’s the equivalent of fifteen-plus years. Obesity is dangerous because it can exacerbate serious medical conditions such as dysplasia, arthritis, diabetes and respiratory problems. Keeping your dog physically fit requires the right food as well a proper exercise.
Other exercises for your dog
Walk Play Fetch
Play frisbee
Go Hiking
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Water safety for your dog

LXdnSY1395706463Pools open, boats is ready, the ocean awaits and your dog wants to take a swim!
Water is often center stage during the summer months. The whole family is lounging by the water, grilling out and splashing around in the pool. Naturally your dog wants in on the action. whether your dog is a good swimmer or or not Greatpup has all your wet dog needs.
This goes with our saying, but do not ever allow your dog to enter the water area without your supervision. We have West Paw toys that float. These great toys allow you to play and interact with your dog in the water.
If you have a pool or your dog is on the boat with you mark an exit. Your dog will easily recognize the exit if you mark it with a flag, flowerpot, or lawn ornament of some kind. If your dog becomes disoriented for any reason, he’ll know where to go. Once they are out of the water every dog owner needs a soggy doggy shammy. The shammies absorb more than 7 times the amount of
water than a normal towel. They are great to have with your you whenever a wet dog/child is part of your day.
Remember that your dog needs lots of fresh water while pal playing in the water. Frosty bowls have a frozen blue core
that will keep your dogs fresh water cold for up to 8 hrs.

What Kind of Sleeper is Your Dog?

How Many times have you just laughed at how you dog is sleeping? Most dogs fall into 4 categories of sleepers:

Side and Belly Sleeper Most of the time when your dog is sleeping on his side or belly with all four paws laid out, he is dozing.

Solomon loving his toy

Solomon loving his toy

Back Sleeper This is the funniest of all positions.  A dog gets dream sleep and is most relaxed in this position.  The stomach is exposed so he is able to keep cool and none of his muscles are tense. This position is where you will see a lot of funny dreams states, including kicking, wagging tails, muffled barks, cries etc.

Bill sleeping upside down

Bill sleeping on this back

Curled-up-in-a Ball Sleeper This is the most common napping position.

dd43-dogs-5_1-1Lying Back-to-Back When dogs sleep back -to-back this is a sign of bonding and protecting each other. When they lie on their  backs next to you, they are bonding with you.

C H R I S T M A S G R E E T I N G S ! M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S 2 0 1 3 F E S T I V E E D I T I O N

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. If you are like me, I have decorations all around the house but the Christmas tree get

the most attention from my dogs. Here are few safety tips if you have a real Christmas tree: Pine tar is toxic. Commercial tree

preservatives can contain harmful chemicals. Consider adding sugar water instead. Place delicate and breakable

ornaments out of reach. The best solution is to train him to stay away from the tree. Tell him “no” in a firm voice.

Remember that poinsettias, holly berries and mistletoe are all toxic. Finally, secure all of those extension cords so that

they don’t become chew toys for your dog. If your dog seems distressed and you suspect he has gotten into something,

call your vet immediately. 76% of people include their pets in their celebrations which makes the special occasions even

more “special”. Here’s some great gift ides for your dog. Every dog loves a long lasting chews like elk and water buffalo

antlers. Or a guaranteed indestructible toy by West Paw. All dogs love to have their own bed. Molly Mutt duvets have a

variety of fabrics to choose from and are machine washable. Finally, keep your dog and floor clean with Soggy Doggy doormats

and Shammies. You can find all of these great gifts at . Show him how much you love him this holiday season.



Blindness Awareness Month (Catch-up!)

Blindness Awareness Month (Catch-up!).

Hygiene Tips for your Dog


soggy doggy mat

Everyone loves their pets but when your pet spends time indoor and out they start to smell.  No one likes a smelly pup. Below are a few tips to keep your pup smelling and feeling clean:

washable duvet

washable duvet

Tips for Good House Hygiene: 

  1. Wash your dog every three months, or more often if smelly.
  2. Use oatmeal based shampoo to avoid doggy dandruff.
  3. Buy a toy box where you can stash your pet’s playthings.
  4. Vacuum twice a week or as needed.
  5. Avoid using a combination food and water bowl that allows food to fall into the water.
  6. Use washable dog duvet to reduce hair and dandruff in the home.
  7. Brush your dog at least weekly outdoors.

Tips for Good Outdoor Hygiene:

  1. Remove any toy parts, trash and anything else your dog my ingest from the lawn.
  2. Keep doggy area pesticide free.
  3. Choose dog friendly, nonpoisonous plants that can withstand abuse or trampling.
  4. Keep a bowl of fresh water outside.
  5. Secure fences; look for any loose boards, holes or areas that would harm your dog.
  6. Make sure that your dog has an area that is covered away from the sun, rain or serve weather.
  7. Provide your dog with enough toys to keep him playing and not destroying your backyard.

Bathing and conditioning tips for Colder Weather:

  1. Test the water before you begin bathing. Luke warm is the best. Hot water dries out the skin.

2. Use oatmeal shampoo and lather your dog for five minutes.

3.  Brush your dog regularly. Use a soft brush that will not aggravate sensitive skin.

Watch for scabs, rashes and itching. Consult your vet if dandruff persists despite the tips above. Skin issues can indicate more serious health problems.

6407 Oatmeal Shampoo 16oz

Oatmeal shampoo

Avoiding the back to School Puppy Blues

With everyone gearing up to head back to school. The lazy days of summer coming to an end. Routines and schedules are changing and this  can mean loneliness and boredom for your dog.

Many dog owner find this time of the year is when they experience behavior problems with their dogs.

  • Chewing things
  • Soiling in the house
  • excessive barking
  • Emotional stress or depression

Never punish your dog for these behaviors, as it will make your dog more fearful and the behavior will increase.

Tips for Managing anxiety

  • Start by leaving your dog alone for short periods of time.
  • Create a schedule for exercising your dog in the morning before everyone leaves.
  • Once it is time to leave don’t make a big deal over it. Your dog  will pick up on your emotions and get emotional to.
  • Leave some interactive toys for him to enjoy while you are away.
  • When you return home don’t get your dog over stimulated.
  • It is easy to forget your dog after a long day at work. Trying to help the  kids with homework. Remember that your dog has been waiting for you all day and has unspent energy. Get out and take a walk and give them play time.

If you leave your dog with things to do then he will be busy and not so lonely. Zoe enjoying a bully stick.



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