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Acorns are dangerous to dogs

Tomorrow is the first day of fall.  Just a reminder while you and your dog spend time outside enjoying the wonderful fall weather, keep them away from acorns.

Acorns according to Dr. Marianne Bailey for the capital states, “They contain toxins that are produced by the oak trees and can cause stomach upset and kidney disease. Illness results after consuming large quantities of young oak leaves in the spring or green acorns in the fall. Clinical signs include loss of appetite, lethargy, dehydration, increased thirst and urination and constipation. Blood work may reveal elevated kidney values as well as changes in the electrolytes. In serious, but very rare cases, death may result. Kidney disease is much more common in sheep and cattle than in dogs.

Acorns can also cause harm in your dog if they swallow them whole. They can get trapped in your dogs intestines and cause gastrointestinal obstruction. If you see your dog eating large amounts of acorns or suspect that your dog has eaten acorns see your veterinarian immediately.

English: Fall leaves and acorns

English: Fall leaves and acorns (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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