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Training your dog to be a greatpup

A dog that is looking for someone to show him how to be a great pup.

We have all been around unruly, untrained dogs and I am not sure who is more uncomfortable me,the owner or the dog.  Either way an untrained dog misses out on the fun of life. They are put away, when company comes over to visit so that they will not jump on the neighbors. Untrained dogs are put away, when the family sits down for dinner because they beg at the table.  These dogs never get to go on walks because they drag their owners across the neighborhood.  Finally if these poor dogs are ever left off leash they run away not to return until they feel like returning.

Most dogs live between eight to sixteen years. Why not make these years enjoyable with your dog. All great dogs  should be trained in the following areas:

1) To come when called

2) Be crate trained

3) To learn the basic commands sit,stay  and leave it

4) To walk on a leash

I have addressed using crate training to house break your dog in an earlier blog. Teaching your dog to come. This is so important for several reasons, first for the safety of your dog. If your dog runs away from you or escapes from your backyard you want to be able to recall your dog.  This command could save your dog’s life. It could prevent your dog from running into the street and being hit by a car.

Secondly, teaching your dog to come builds trust between you and your dog. When your dog comes to you it should be a happy experience for them. If your dog chews up the newspaper and brings it  to you.  You then begin to  scold him for chewing the newspaper. Then you just taught your dog that when he comes to you he will feel bad and be scolded. So instead, make coming to you a happy, pleasurable experience. Be nice and use kind words.

Start by putting your dog on a leash. Let the dog run to the end of the leash and then say “come” giving the leash a little tug your way. Once the dog runs to you, be over joyed with praise, pets, kind words and even some small treats. Gradually release the dog further and further from you until you are comfortable letting them off leash in the house or fenced in backyard. Repeat the process until the dog trust that coming to you is a happy experience and in return you trust that your dog will come every time you recall him.


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