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Train a puppy change a life

Ever wonder how dogs become service dogs?  Well, like all dogs they start out as adorable little puppies. The difference between an ordinary puppy and a service puppy  is  from day one they begin their training. They are held, loved and touched on a daily basis. When they turn eight weeks old they are sent to a loving home of a puppy walker.  These are amazing people who agree to raise these precious animals through their puppy years.  The puppies go everywhere with their puppy walker. They go to work, the grocery store, movies, mall, church, school all public places. They are exposed to  all  types of  situations. The puppy walkers are constantly looking for fears, hesitations anything that would keep them from being a good service dog. 

The puppy learn  the basic commands, come, sit, stay, leave it, forward etc. These commands are so important for the future training of service dogs. These small puppies learn quickly that praise and love are their rewards for following commands. They’re so smart and seem to know that they have a very important job to learn. All puppies in training wear a yellow coat. The coat represents working time. The coat is removed when it is time to play or just hang out at home.  Living with the puppy walkers gives the puppy a place to learn house manner, interact with family members and just be a dog.

When the puppies are between 1 year and 15 months they are called back to the foundation to continue their training. This is the hardest part for people like me, the puppy walker to say good-bye. You see, I am  raising my third puppy. Raising these amazing dogs is the most rewarding thing I have ever done.

Puppy walkers are all volunteers. It takes hundreds every year to raise these dogs through their puppy years. If you want to make a difference in someone’s life and change your life in a positive way. Become a puppy walker and meet some of the most amazing dogs.  Even if you are only a part of these puppies lives a short amount of time it is the most  crucial year of their lives.  You can see more photos and information by liking my fan page at Facebook.com/greatpup

Visit: http://www.guidedog.org  for more information on becoming a puppy walker.


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