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Pups at Play

I think this is such a great organization. All dogs, including working dogs need their down time.

Help On Four Legs

Remember the post “Tag! You’re it!“? I wanted to back it up with some proof. Check out these hard working CCI dogs having a well deserved pool party.

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Reading your dog’s body language

Often time is appears that my dog can read my mind, after all, and soon as I finish putting on my make-up my dog stands up and walks to the bedroom dog because he knows that I am ready to leave for work and he is going eat. When I put on my tennis shoes he gets all excited because he knows that we are going for a walk. He even knows when it is time for bed. I brush my teeth and he goes and gets on his bed to go night, night.

What is actually happening is that he is observing and studying my habits and routines, and has learned to anticipate my actions. Since dogs communicate with each other through body language they quickly pick up on ours. You can do the same with your dog. Just as your dog takes cues from watching you, so can you learn to interpret what’s on your dog’s mind by watching him. Mason my dog, comes running up to me when I first sit down in my recliner for the evening. His ears are up and he tail is wagging so much that his entire body is moving back and forth. I know what is coming. He is a going to jump up into the chair with me. All 65 lbs of him.  This is when I interrupt Mason’s naughty thought and distract him by giving him a command.

In a stern voice I say “sit”, which stops him in his tracks. Once I have interrupted his thoughts I distract him with a ball or toy.  He is rewarded by a petting or a treat. Then I tell him to lie down. This technique can be used for any naughty habits your dog does that you would like to change. You first have to anticipate their behavior by observing their body language.

Giving thanks for your four legged friends

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for family, good friends, good food and don’t forget your furry members of the family your dogs.  Remember the holidays are not an excuse to feed your dog chocolate, turkey bones, turkey skins or any food that will upset their stomach.  However  has some terrific treats that are safe, delicious and are guaranteed to make your dog feel appreciated.  They will surely feel extra-thankful to have such a great pet-parent!

Here are five great choices:

1.Deer antlers, the only all natural treat that has not been processed in any way.

2. Bully stick, great for keeping your dog busy during the holidays.

3.Himalyans with a bully stick.  Made from yak milk in the Himalayas. Long lasting.4.Chicken littles great for small dogs or training large dogs.5. If none of the above appeals to your dog than you can go wrong with a toy!

Happy Thanksgiving, from all of you at

How many words does your dog understand?

Tagalog Talking Bird

Tagalog Talking Bird (Photo credit: joshbousel)


Sure everyone’s dog knows the basic “sit” “stay” “down”.  But if you really want to impress your friends you can teach your dog over 100 words.  It just takes time, motivation and patience.


The first time I met a dog who could pick out his toys by name was when I was in college.  My friend had a bird and this bird talked nonstop. Their dog’s name was Rufus and he was a busy little dog. The bird would call for Rufus he would come running into the living room looking at the humans to see who called him.


When he figured out that it was the bird he would look up at the cage and bark. The bird would call out a toy. “Rufus get your bone”, Rufus would run around the house until he found the bone and bring it to the birds cage.  The dog would get any toy by name, bone, ball, bear etc. The bird often liked to play with Rufus by calling for him to get a toy and before Rufus could bring him that toy he would call out another one. This would put poor Rufus into a frenzy trying as many dogs do to please the bird. Rufus never failed to bring every toy that the bird called.


I was so impressed by this little dog. I thought that he was the smartest dog ever.  Today I know that all dogs can learn this trick.  You simply choose one toy. Lay the toy on the ground in front of the dog and tell him ” get the bone”. Once he does you give him lots of praise. After a few repetitions, try putting the bone with other toys and ask him to “get the bone”. If he goes for another toy simply ignore him and keep saying “get the bone”.  When he gets the bone, praise, praise , praise. With practice, your dog can learn to associate words with objects.


This game is a great way to direct your dog from unwanted behavior. Entertain guest when they come over. But most importantly it is a great way to bond with your dog. This game requires participation from both owner and pet. The time spent learning any new trick build a trusting and positive, fun relationship.


How long would you search for your lost dog?

We all have heard stories of a dog’s loyalty to their owner. But how loyal are you to your dog?  How long would you search for your dog if you lost him.  Here is a story of a neighbor who never gave up on her dog.

She was moving across country from Las Vegas Nevada to North Carolina. She was traveling with her three boxer and her brother’s family. They stopped  in Virginia after several days of traveling across the states. While eating in the hotel they saw three dogs run through the lobby. Apparently, someone left the hotel door ajar and the dogs go out.  The boxers ran through the lobby and out the front door. By the time the owner realized what she had seen  the dogs were gone. She ran out  into the parking lot and was able to catch one of the boxer.  After several hours of searching she found the second boxer.  The third boxer was nowhere to be found. She stayed in Virginia for a week looking for her precious boxer.  Daily she visited the local shelter and each day that passed so did her hopes to find her boxer.  After a week of postponing closing on her new house, starting her new job and settling into her new life, she left Virginia. She may have left but she was still determined to find her lost dog.

Heart broken she started her new life in North Carolina, tried to help her other two boxers adjust to a the lost of one of their pack members as well as adjust to a new home. Six months  passed, on the Friday before Labor Day she gets a call from the humane society in Virginia asking her if she had lost a boxer. You see Jake had an id chip and  before she left Virginia for she left  her information with all the local shelters. Jake showed up at the humane society and they scanned him for a chip and found the owner information. This was unbelievable , Jake had been living on his own for six months.  They believe he lived off of small animals in the woods. He was very skinny, dirty and covered in fleas and ticks, but other than that he was healthy.

Needless to say, the homecoming was a joyful and tearful reunion for both Jake and owner.  Jake had to go through heart worm treatment but today he is living next door and is as happy as ever. Not sure who is happy Jake or his owner.

A standing dog of the Boxer breed. Taken on Br...


If dogs could vote on a president

The election is only a few hours away and America will choose a president.  For many Americans this choice was not an easy one.  If only we could let our dogs vote.Dogs have a great judge of character.  Have you ever been in a situation where your dog who loves everyone suddenly meets someone he doesn’t like.  His behavior changes, growling, snarling or even cowering away.  Doesn’t this make you wonder why?  What’s up with this guy?  Have I missed judge him?  These are the thoughts of anyone who loves and believes in their dog’s judgement.

You see dogs look for these characters in people:

  • Keep their  promiseVote doodle (dog with glasses)
  • Consistent in their beliefs
  • Shows compassion and empathy
  • Works hard and plays hard
  • Trustworthy

They can judge all the above in just a matter of seconds with one good sniff.  So, if we could all just take our dogs up to each candidate for a quick sniff  then we would know who to cast our vote for.  The country would be in a better position relying on a dog’s judgement than believing the lies of commercials, and the promises of politicians.



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