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How long would you search for your lost dog?

We all have heard stories of a dog’s loyalty to their owner. But how loyal are you to your dog?  How long would you search for your dog if you lost him.  Here is a story of a neighbor who never gave up on her dog.

She was moving across country from Las Vegas Nevada to North Carolina. She was traveling with her three boxer and her brother’s family. They stopped  in Virginia after several days of traveling across the states. While eating in the hotel they saw three dogs run through the lobby. Apparently, someone left the hotel door ajar and the dogs go out.  The boxers ran through the lobby and out the front door. By the time the owner realized what she had seen  the dogs were gone. She ran out  into the parking lot and was able to catch one of the boxer.  After several hours of searching she found the second boxer.  The third boxer was nowhere to be found. She stayed in Virginia for a week looking for her precious boxer.  Daily she visited the local shelter and each day that passed so did her hopes to find her boxer.  After a week of postponing closing on her new house, starting her new job and settling into her new life, she left Virginia. She may have left but she was still determined to find her lost dog.

Heart broken she started her new life in North Carolina, tried to help her other two boxers adjust to a the lost of one of their pack members as well as adjust to a new home. Six months  passed, on the Friday before Labor Day she gets a call from the humane society in Virginia asking her if she had lost a boxer. You see Jake had an id chip and  before she left Virginia for she left  her information with all the local shelters. Jake showed up at the humane society and they scanned him for a chip and found the owner information. This was unbelievable , Jake had been living on his own for six months.  They believe he lived off of small animals in the woods. He was very skinny, dirty and covered in fleas and ticks, but other than that he was healthy.

Needless to say, the homecoming was a joyful and tearful reunion for both Jake and owner.  Jake had to go through heart worm treatment but today he is living next door and is as happy as ever. Not sure who is happy Jake or his owner.

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