Reading your dog’s body language

Often time is appears that my dog can read my mind, after all, and soon as I finish putting on my make-up my dog stands up and walks to the bedroom dog because he knows that I am ready to leave for work and he is going eat. When I put on my tennis shoes he gets all excited because he knows that we are going for a walk. He even knows when it is time for bed. I brush my teeth and he goes and gets on his bed to go night, night.

What is actually happening is that he is observing and studying my habits and routines, and has learned to anticipate my actions. Since dogs communicate with each other through body language they quickly pick up on ours. You can do the same with your dog. Just as your dog takes cues from watching you, so can you learn to interpret what’s on your dog’s mind by watching him. Mason my dog, comes running up to me when I first sit down in my recliner for the evening. His ears are up and he tail is wagging so much that his entire body is moving back and forth. I know what is coming. He is a going to jump up into the chair with me. All 65 lbs of him.  This is when I interrupt Mason’s naughty thought and distract him by giving him a command.

In a stern voice I say “sit”, which stops him in his tracks. Once I have interrupted his thoughts I distract him with a ball or toy.  He is rewarded by a petting or a treat. Then I tell him to lie down. This technique can be used for any naughty habits your dog does that you would like to change. You first have to anticipate their behavior by observing their body language.


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