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This weekend I took by dog supplies out to a local Christmas show. This show  was a fund-raiser for a  high school. Vendors set up their goods and sell them to the community. Greatpup.comdid an outstanding amount of business. I was so surprised by our customers. Typically, our best customers are women who have a dog instead of a child or women who have dogs in additional to their children. But this weekend our customers were women who were buying for their grandogs.

This got me thinking. Not only do  immediate family members think of their dogs as part of the family but the extended family do too. Dogs are such a part of our lives that they are included in the festivities of the holiday. So this year when your family is all unwrapping their gifts there might be one under the tree for your dog as well.

Don’t know what to get for your dog or grandog. Here are few great ideas:


Toys; all dogs love a new toy. Greatpup.com has several indestructible toys for aggressive chewers.

Treats: They have a double reward for you. Dogs love elk antlers, bully sticks, cow hooves and pig ears. These will also keep your dog busy on Christmas day while your family is celebrating the holidays.

Beds, every dog loves their own place to sleep. Greatpup.com has beds that are environmentally friendly. You choose the duvet and fill it with your old clothes, blankets, anything your want to keep out of the landfills. When it is time to wash the bed, simply unzip the duvet and throw it and all the  clothes inside the wash.

Of course, the best gift you can give your dog or grandog  doesn’t cost a penny. Just give them lots and lots of love.


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