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Teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary are my heroes

Watching the horrifying details of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary is heart breaking.  I have been working with first graders for 23 years. To see those precious faces makes my day everyday  and that’s why I love my job.  I am not surprised by any of the actions of the teachers in Sandy Hook elementary school and neither should any of you. You see this tragedy could have happened in any elementary school across American and the teachers would have acted the same way.  What people don’t seem to understand or are surprised by is that we teachers love our students. We are not just responsible for their education but for their safety. It is instinct for us to protect them from harm. We get lots of practice everyday, we protect them from hurt feeling from their classmates  by providing them with a safe and friendly learning environment. We protect them from themselves, by  giving them daily encouragement when they are down on themselves.  We have  high expectations to help them reach their goals. Sometimes we even have to go as far to protect them from their own parents. Not everyone lives in a safe home and sometimes we have to report child abuse.

So when someone comes into a school to do harm to our students. Not one of those teachers thought twice about protecting their students. Without hesitation they put themselves in danger over their students and in one first grade class a teacher laid her body over her students in effort to protect them. All of the teachers in Sandy Hook Elementary school are my new heroes. I can’t imagine what they went through but I am  not surprised by their heroism. I know that my colleges and myself would do the same for our students.

My prayers are with all the families and staff at Sandy Hook.



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