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What is your dog telling you?

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Your dog may not be able to talk but his body language will tell you everything you need to know. Do you know how to crack the code?

“Let’s Play” – Front legs down on the ground, ears up, rump and tail tagging high in the air.

“Feed Me”- Paces back and forth from you to his bowl. My even let out short barks or other sounds.

“Life is so good”- Tail is held low and away from body, often wagging; mouth relaxed and slightly open.

“You’re the one in charge”- Lies on his back and exposes his belly, gazed turned away.

“I’m scared”- Fur ruffled, ears down and back, tail maybe tuck between lets, whimpering.

” Let me at them”- Lips curled up to show teeth, ears pushed back, gaze directly at subject, tail stiff, may be growling or barking loudly.

Your dog’s voice is very important. It is just as important as their body language. A bark can mean that your dog is excited, afraid or angry.  If you listen closely you’ll soon be able to tell the difference.  When dogs are lonely or in pain, they howl or whine in order to get your attention. Growling is a warning to you, or strange animals, that you’d better stand back.

Spending time with your dog and being observant will help you crack the code of their communication with you.


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