Solutions for Muddy Paws

Today is the first day of spring and it’s time for new beginnings. Dogs that don’t get enough exposure to outdoor activities often suffer from behavior problems,anxiety, aggression, and compulsive behaviors. Outdoor are critical to your dog’s welfare. So, take advantage of spring and the extra hour of sunlight and get outside with your dog.

If your dogs are like mine they bring the outside indoors. April bring showers so then we have to deal with dirty paws. Here are some things I do to help with keeping my house clean when the dogs spend a lot of time outside.

1. Keep a rug by your door. I keep a rug on both sides of my door. I have an outdoor rug on my porch that my dogs run over first and then when they enter the house they run over another rug. This rug is the best rug I have ever had. It is called a Soggy Doggy and it is amazing. My dogs feet can be wet, muddy, or covered in grass clippings but when they run over this rug everything come off into the rug and they hit my hardwood floors dry and clean. Take two minutes to check out the video on this rug at www.greatpup,com .


2. Another good method of cleaning dogs feet is to use baby wipes. This is an inexpensive way to clean your dogs feet before entering your house. The nice thing about the wipes is that you can throw them away and not worry about staining your towels.

3. If you are really ambitious you can teach your dog to wipe their feet. I have seen people, clicker train their dog to wipe their feet. Very cool.

Whatever method you use just remember it is worth it to your dog for a little fresh air.


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