Stocking the Toy Box

Toys go a long way toward fighting boredom especially for dogs who are left alone for long periods of time. Toys serve as a distraction for your dog when you don’t have time to play with her. How do you choose the best toys?

Toys should be age, size and strength appropriate. A chew toy should not be so big that your dog can’t get her mouth around it or so small that she could swallow or choke on the toy. West Paw toys come in three sizes mini, small and large. Choose right size for you pup.

Toys should be safe for active play. All toys made from material can be torn apart so always look for pieces that could easily come off. Is the toy made from safe and nontoxic materials? Choose rope toys that are made from cotton. Cotton will be digestible should little pieces be chewed off.

Toys should be sturdy enough to stand up to your dog’s attention. Look for toys that offer guarantees like Bionics and West Paw. These toys are designed for aggressive chewers . If any of your dogs toys become damaged throw them away immediately because they can be a hazard to your dogs health.

Toys that promote dental health. Your toy box should include chews that both keep your dog busy and cleans their teeth a the same time. Antlers, bully horns and cow bones are great chew toys. No worries about digestion or damaging these chews they are meant for chewing. Please make sure they from the USA or South America and not China.

The sheer joy your dog expresses when you introduce a new toy is infectious. As you fill a toy bin with new things for your dog to play with , your pet will treat every one as a favorite.
variety west paws
Stock your toy box by visiting or The Galleria on Strickland rd. Raleigh

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