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Stocking the Toy Box

Toys go a long way toward fighting boredom especially for dogs who are left alone for long periods of time. Toys serve as a distraction for your dog when you don’t have time to play with her. How do you choose the best toys?

Toys should be age, size and strength appropriate. A chew toy should not be so big that your dog can’t get her mouth around it or so small that she could swallow or choke on the toy. West Paw toys come in three sizes mini, small and large. Choose right size for you pup.

Toys should be safe for active play. All toys made from material can be torn apart so always look for pieces that could easily come off. Is the toy made from safe and nontoxic materials? Choose rope toys that are made from cotton. Cotton will be digestible should little pieces be chewed off.

Toys should be sturdy enough to stand up to your dog’s attention. Look for toys that offer guarantees like Bionics and West Paw. These toys are designed for aggressive chewers . If any of your dogs toys become damaged throw them away immediately because they can be a hazard to your dogs health.

Toys that promote dental health. Your toy box should include chews that both keep your dog busy and cleans their teeth a the same time. Antlers, bully horns and cow bones are great chew toys. No worries about digestion or damaging these chews they are meant for chewing. Please make sure they from the USA or South America and not China.

The sheer joy your dog expresses when you introduce a new toy is infectious. As you fill a toy bin with new things for your dog to play with , your pet will treat every one as a favorite.
variety west paws
Stock your toy box by visiting or The Galleria on Strickland rd. Raleigh

Holiday Gift Ideas for Dogs and Those Who Love Them.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. If you are like me, you are making a list and checking it twice and on your list are your fur friends and their friends.
Here are few gift ideas for your dog and your friends dogs.There are three types of gifts for the season.
The aggressive chewer. This is the dog that can destroy anything you bring home to them in a matter of minutes. The best gift for these challenges on your list is an indestructible toy by West Paw or Bionic. Both are guaranteed. Antlers and Buffalo horns are long-lasting chews that are another great gift for aggressive chewers.
Bored 10347482_733165870071572_7419116607579541294_ndogs are often the complaints of many dog owners. These dogs are the ones who are bored and find their own form of entrainment by getting into trouble in your house. So keep them entrained by giving them puzzle toys. Greatpup has a treat tower, treat ball. and topple all of which are puzzle that dispenses treats for hours of fun.
The final gift of the season is for the dog lover. All dog owners want things to make owning a dog easier. The most useful gift for them is a Soggy Doggy doormat or shammy. These absorbs up to ten times more than a towel. Molly Mutt duvets allow you to have a stylist dog bed in your home. They are both cute and machine washable. Greatpup also has a great selection of women’s Dog is Good t-shirts.
You can find all of these great gifts at or visit the Galleria in Raleigh. Show him how much you love them this holiday season.
Merry Christmas from our family at Greatpup to yours!

What type of dog owner are you?

TOYS, TOYS AND MORE TOYS  945189_10151494670468208_1650514769_n

Finding the right toy for you and your dog. Different types of dogs

and dog owners, need different types of toys. What type of dog

owner are you?

Type 1: Mothering dog owner. This is the owner who worries and frets over her 71VWGha8qpL._SL1500_

dog’s well being. Wanting only the best of everything, If this is you then you are

looking for high quality toys like West Paw that contains all the fun of a ball, bone

and stick in one toy and guarantee to last. You would also like the innovative

Frosty bowl that provides your dog with fresh water and keeps it cold for hours. You

will never add ice cubes to your pet’s water bowl again.

Type 2: The gift giver. This is the owner who is at work and is away during the     hurley

day and has to leave their dog alone. They buy gifts for their dogs on a regular basis.

The toys for you are busy toys. The Bionic stuffer, Maze, Rocking treat ball and

Treat tower. These toys dispense treats keeping your dog busy for hours while you

are away.

8723Type 3: 38% of dog owner appreciate the benefit of

exercising with their dog. The toys for you are the

Frisbee bowl, which acts as a frisbee and then turn

into a bowl when its time to take a break. The Flying

pig sling shot toy that launches up to 100 feet.

Spring into Fun!

3835_4419298795830_1423479465_nSpring into fun! Things to do with your dog this spring. Spring is the time for new beginnings and you are given an extra hour of daylight to

accomplish your goals. Start your spring with a little spring cleaning. Give your dog a little deep cleaning with Planet dog oatmeal bath. This shampoo

is gentle enough for puppies but cleans deep to remove all that built up dirt and hair. Get a new leash on life. Toss out all those toys that are old and

worn out. Spring is the perfect time to give your dog a new toy. Throw out that smelly, dirty worn out dog bed and give your home a new look with a new dog bed.

Spring training, now that the weather is nice get outside and review commands that may be less important during the winter. All dogs should know sit, stay and

come. You can work on these commands by playing games in your backyard or at the park. Start with two people one on each side of yard. Take turns

calling your dog to come. Have your dog run back and forth between the two of you. This is a great way to review come. Don’t forget to give lots of praise and

maybe a small treat for following the command. Review sit and stay with playing fetch. Put dog in a sit and stay, throw toy and then release and let your dog run and get the toy. Get your spring dog supplies today at

Date day, spring is the time for outdoor festivals and activities check out this website to find activities in your area for you and your dog.

Get out and enjoy a nature walk don’t forget the following: Things for your doggie pack

•Lots of water

•travel bowl

•doggie bags

•easy to digest all natural treats

•flea and tick protection6407 Oatmeal Shampoo 16oz




It pays to be “green”

Here are the top five ways to go “green” with your dog supplies.

1. Buy dog toys that you can re-fill, re-use and re-love. Stuffer toys allow you to change it up with your dog. One day you can fill it  with yogurt, next day peanut butter. When the toy is dirty just throw it on top rack on your dishwasher and it comes out looking like new. This will save you money, you don’t have to go out and buy a new toy every few weeks.


2. Invest in dog beds that are cost-effective like dog duvet bed covers. They are “green” in so many ways. The duvet is designed for inserting your old pillows, bedding and old clothes. When the bed is dirty just throw all the contents into the wash. The concept saves on reduction of waste and is less costly than replacing your dog bed once a year. Image

3. Give your dog all natural treats like elk antlers and water buffalo horns. These are products that shed annually and are not processed in any way. Image

4. Buy dog supplies that have multiple uses. Greatpup has a frisbee/water  bowl that with a flip of the wrist can easily be converted between the two.


5. Buys dog products that come from recycled materials. This bottle tracker is make from firefighters water hose and you place a plastic bottle inside for extra fun.Image


All product suggestions can be purchased on Save money while helping the environment.

What I have learned about opening a business on the web

A year ago today my website went live. When I reflect back over the last year and think of all I have learned. Wow, what a year.

My goal for my business is to offer dog lovers like myself high quality,safe and unique dog products at a reasonable price. Sounds simple but it has taken time and lots of effort to weed through all the dog products out there and  decide what is actually worthy of being on my site.

There are many companies in the USA that have some great products. West Paw is a company out of Montana and they create great toys that are for aggressive chewers and even offer a one time replacement if your dog chews the toys into pieces. I have sold hundreds of these toys and have only replaced a few. One thing I have learned is not every dog owner wants a to pay a higher price for a toy that is going to last a long, long time. Many people want to pay little money for cheap things made in China that their dog will destroy in a matter a minutes. Lesson learned; if customers will buy one West Paw toy they will see the quality and come back for more.

I have also learned that quality is not as important to others as it is to me. People don’t take the time to look at where their dog treats are made. The dog treats sold in the big pet stores and Wal-Mart are often made in China. China has no rules or regulations of production of dog treats. These dog treats have made dogs sick or even killed hundreds of dogs. I have studied and researched every bakery item, bully stick and dog treat that I sell on my site to ensure they are safe and made in the USA. Lesson learned: Customer come back and tell me that their dog is a picky eater but they will eat my treats. The reason they eat my treats, is not because their dog is picky, it is because they are all natural and organic.

Having a e-commerce store has taught me so much about the social media. I have learned about Facebook pages. I have page on Facebook It was easy to set up the page much it is much harder to get people to like your page. I have 82 likes and I have been trying to get to 100 since October. Many people like my post but not my page. Lesson learned; it take time and patience to reached the 100 likes on my page, it is harder than it looks.

Blogging is the next social media I have learned to do this past year. So much still to learn. How to get followers? What to write about?

When I look back on my first year as a business owner I feel good about what I have accomplished.  I know that I have stuck to my goals and have not compromised  what I know is best for both my customers and their dogs. I have had more fun talking to people and listening to their dogs stories than I could ever imagine. I know I have a lot to learn, but I look forward to the challenge. Happy Birthday!

Below: a few of our satisfied customers!

Bumi is a great toy for two dogs to share

Bumi is a great toy for two dogs to share

Coco having a ball with her bottle tracker

Coco having a ball with her bottle tracker

Solomon loving his toy

Solomon loving his toy

Chase enjoying his antler

Our toys float!

Our toys float!



This weekend I took by dog supplies out to a local Christmas show. This show  was a fund-raiser for a  high school. Vendors set up their goods and sell them to the community. Greatpup.comdid an outstanding amount of business. I was so surprised by our customers. Typically, our best customers are women who have a dog instead of a child or women who have dogs in additional to their children. But this weekend our customers were women who were buying for their grandogs.

This got me thinking. Not only do  immediate family members think of their dogs as part of the family but the extended family do too. Dogs are such a part of our lives that they are included in the festivities of the holiday. So this year when your family is all unwrapping their gifts there might be one under the tree for your dog as well.

Don’t know what to get for your dog or grandog. Here are few great ideas:


Toys; all dogs love a new toy. has several indestructible toys for aggressive chewers.

Treats: They have a double reward for you. Dogs love elk antlers, bully sticks, cow hooves and pig ears. These will also keep your dog busy on Christmas day while your family is celebrating the holidays.

Beds, every dog loves their own place to sleep. has beds that are environmentally friendly. You choose the duvet and fill it with your old clothes, blankets, anything your want to keep out of the landfills. When it is time to wash the bed, simply unzip the duvet and throw it and all the  clothes inside the wash.

Of course, the best gift you can give your dog or grandog  doesn’t cost a penny. Just give them lots and lots of love.

Giving thanks for your four legged friends

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for family, good friends, good food and don’t forget your furry members of the family your dogs.  Remember the holidays are not an excuse to feed your dog chocolate, turkey bones, turkey skins or any food that will upset their stomach.  However  has some terrific treats that are safe, delicious and are guaranteed to make your dog feel appreciated.  They will surely feel extra-thankful to have such a great pet-parent!

Here are five great choices:

1.Deer antlers, the only all natural treat that has not been processed in any way.

2. Bully stick, great for keeping your dog busy during the holidays.

3.Himalyans with a bully stick.  Made from yak milk in the Himalayas. Long lasting.4.Chicken littles great for small dogs or training large dogs.5. If none of the above appeals to your dog than you can go wrong with a toy!

Happy Thanksgiving, from all of you at

If dogs could vote on a president

The election is only a few hours away and America will choose a president.  For many Americans this choice was not an easy one.  If only we could let our dogs vote.Dogs have a great judge of character.  Have you ever been in a situation where your dog who loves everyone suddenly meets someone he doesn’t like.  His behavior changes, growling, snarling or even cowering away.  Doesn’t this make you wonder why?  What’s up with this guy?  Have I missed judge him?  These are the thoughts of anyone who loves and believes in their dog’s judgement.

You see dogs look for these characters in people:

  • Keep their  promiseVote doodle (dog with glasses)
  • Consistent in their beliefs
  • Shows compassion and empathy
  • Works hard and plays hard
  • Trustworthy

They can judge all the above in just a matter of seconds with one good sniff.  So, if we could all just take our dogs up to each candidate for a quick sniff  then we would know who to cast our vote for.  The country would be in a better position relying on a dog’s judgement than believing the lies of commercials, and the promises of politicians.


Tough Chewers

So do you have a tough chewer at your house? is on a mission to give your dog safe and healthy dog treats and toys.  One of our favorite toys  and best sellers is the West Paw design toys. These toys are made for tough chewers. We all know how much dogs love to chew! West Paw is a company out of Montana USA.  If your dog happens to chew through one of these toys they offer a one time replacement guarantee.    How many companies do you know that stand behind their product with a guarantee?  Just another reason I love this company.

West Paw toys come in lots of different styles and colors. They are great for fetching, tugging and they float! Once your dog has fallen in love with these great toys you will want to get more.  Check out my website for all the colors and designs. I offer great deals of these exceptional toys.

Check out this cool video:!


For people who treat their dog as a member of the family. This blog will give you the latest product trends for your dog as well as tips and news to make your dog a greatpup.

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