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If dogs could vote on a president

The election is only a few hours away and America will choose a president.  For many Americans this choice was not an easy one.  If only we could let our dogs vote.Dogs have a great judge of character.  Have you ever been in a situation where your dog who loves everyone suddenly meets someone he doesn’t like.  His behavior changes, growling, snarling or even cowering away.  Doesn’t this make you wonder why?  What’s up with this guy?  Have I missed judge him?  These are the thoughts of anyone who loves and believes in their dog’s judgement.

You see dogs look for these characters in people:

  • Keep their  promiseVote doodle (dog with glasses)
  • Consistent in their beliefs
  • Shows compassion and empathy
  • Works hard and plays hard
  • Trustworthy

They can judge all the above in just a matter of seconds with one good sniff.  So, if we could all just take our dogs up to each candidate for a quick sniff  then we would know who to cast our vote for.  The country would be in a better position relying on a dog’s judgement than believing the lies of commercials, and the promises of politicians.



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