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It pays to be “green”

Here are the top five ways to go “green” with your dog supplies.

1. Buy dog toys that you can re-fill, re-use and re-love. Stuffer toys allow you to change it up with your dog. One day you can fill it  with yogurt, next day peanut butter. When the toy is dirty just throw it on top rack on your dishwasher and it comes out looking like new. This will save you money, you don’t have to go out and buy a new toy every few weeks.


2. Invest in dog beds that are cost-effective like dog duvet bed covers. They are “green” in so many ways. The duvet is designed for inserting your old pillows, bedding and old clothes. When the bed is dirty just throw all the contents into the wash. The concept saves on reduction of waste and is less costly than replacing your dog bed once a year. Image

3. Give your dog all natural treats like elk antlers and water buffalo horns. These are products that shed annually and are not processed in any way. Image

4. Buy dog supplies that have multiple uses. Greatpup has a frisbee/water  bowl that with a flip of the wrist can easily be converted between the two.


5. Buys dog products that come from recycled materials. This bottle tracker is make from firefighters water hose and you place a plastic bottle inside for extra fun.Image


All product suggestions can be purchased on Save money while helping the environment.


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