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Spring into Fun!

3835_4419298795830_1423479465_nSpring into fun! Things to do with your dog this spring. Spring is the time for new beginnings and you are given an extra hour of daylight to

accomplish your goals. Start your spring with a little spring cleaning. Give your dog a little deep cleaning with Planet dog oatmeal bath. This shampoo

is gentle enough for puppies but cleans deep to remove all that built up dirt and hair. Get a new leash on life. Toss out all those toys that are old and

worn out. Spring is the perfect time to give your dog a new toy. Throw out that smelly, dirty worn out dog bed and give your home a new look with a new dog bed.

Spring training, now that the weather is nice get outside and review commands that may be less important during the winter. All dogs should know sit, stay and

come. You can work on these commands by playing games in your backyard or at the park. Start with two people one on each side of yard. Take turns

calling your dog to come. Have your dog run back and forth between the two of you. This is a great way to review come. Don’t forget to give lots of praise and

maybe a small treat for following the command. Review sit and stay with playing fetch. Put dog in a sit and stay, throw toy and then release and let your dog run and get the toy. Get your spring dog supplies today at

Date day, spring is the time for outdoor festivals and activities check out this website to find activities in your area for you and your dog.

Get out and enjoy a nature walk don’t forget the following: Things for your doggie pack

•Lots of water

•travel bowl

•doggie bags

•easy to digest all natural treats

•flea and tick protection6407 Oatmeal Shampoo 16oz





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