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Super Zoo Experience

Last week I attended for the first time the Super Zoo pet trade show. It was very overwhelming, there were over 800 vendors at the show. What a great place to get to see the latest trends in pet products, the newest products and problem solvers. They had everything hair bows, booties, treats, toys, leashes, safety products and health products.

There are some definite trends taking shape that I notice at the show. Grain Free and all natural treats were huge. Everyone was looking for treats that are easy on a dogs digestive system. Studies have shown that dogs with allegories can eat and digest grain free treats. All natural dog food and treats were huge as well, we have all heard the horrid stories of the processing plants and slaughter-house that process many of the dog foods and treats. People are looking for things that their dogs want to eat and that are good for them. I couldn’t help notice that the booths that sold raw hide had fewer people inquiring about the products than those who sold all natural products. The antlers, bully sticks, freeze dry chicken, cod etc. were all crowded booths.  I am sure you will start to see more of these items in pet stores.

Made in the USA was the other thing that really stood out to me at the show. I can only assume with the recent recall of many products from China that USA companies wanted to give everyone the confidence in their product. I heard many people ask where the items were made. I was really glad to see that people are wanting to invest in America. title=”Latest recalls”>

If anyone else attended this same show I would love to hear your takes on the products you saw at Super Zoo.


Hello world,
I am Peggy and this is my first blog post. I have decided since so many people ask me advice about raising dogs that I would start to blog. I am the owner of an e-commerce store I currently have two labs that are my pets and one guide dog that I am training for the foundation for the blind. This is the third puppy I have raised for the foundation. I hope have many blogs stories and pictures of my adventures of raising a puppy. Is this something you would like to hear about? Here is a picture of my labs the smaller one is the first puppy I raised 3 years ago.

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